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Erectile Dysfunction

1. How To Evaluate Cardiovascular Risk in a Patient With Erectile Dysfunction

Journal: American Journal of Medicine Summary: This article discusses the link between erectile dysfunction (ED) and cardiovascular diseases. The study emphasizes the need for cardiovascular evaluations in patients with vasculogenic ED, as ED can be an early marker of cardiovascular problems. Key Points:

  • Importance of assessing cardiovascular risk in patients with ED.
  • Recommendations for cardiovascular evaluations.
  • Relationship between endothelial dysfunction and ED​ (American College of Cardiology)​.

2. Erectile Dysfunction: From Pathophysiology to Clinical Assessment

Journal: SpringerLink Summary: This review covers the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of erectile dysfunction. The article highlights both organic and psychogenic aspects of ED, as well as current treatment methods. Key Points:

  • Main causes and mechanisms of ED development.
  • Approaches to clinical assessment and diagnosis of ED.
  • Treatment of ED, including pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods​ (BMJ)​.

3. Mediterranean Diet Linked to Improved CV Function in Erectile Dysfunction Patients

Source: ScienceDaily Summary: This study showed that the Mediterranean diet can improve cardiovascular function in patients with erectile dysfunction. The article emphasizes the importance of dietary interventions to improve overall health and reduce ED symptoms. Key Points:

  • Positive effects of the Mediterranean diet on cardiovascular health.
  • Dietary recommendations for patients with ED.
  • Link between diet and improved sexual function​ (ScienceDaily)​.

4. Current Management of Erectile Dysfunction in Prostate Cancer Survivors

Journal: Current Opinion in Urology Summary: This article reviews current treatments for erectile dysfunction in prostate cancer survivors. It discusses various therapeutic approaches, including medication, vacuum devices, and surgical methods. Key Points:

  • Specifics of treating ED in patients who have undergone prostate cancer treatment.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of different treatment methods.
  • Prospects and new approaches in ED therapy​ (American College of Cardiology)​.

5. Erectile Dysfunction: An Overview

Journal: BMJ Summary: This review article is dedicated to the prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of erectile dysfunction. It covers both organic and psychogenic aspects of ED and provides current recommendations for treatment and patient management. Key Points:

  • Organic and psychogenic causes of ED.
  • Modern treatment methods, including phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors and surgical options.
  • Recommendations for specialist referrals and patient management​ (BMJ)​.