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Sildenafil (Viagra), commonly used for erectile dysfunction, has been extensively studied for its effects and side effects, but its impact on psychophysical performance, particularly in contexts like traffic safety, remains of interest. This pilot study involved six healthy male volunteers who underwent a battery of seven psychophysical performance tests, conducted twice per individual: once without the drug and once after a single 100-mg oral dose of sildenafil. The study’s findings revealed that only two parameters from different tests showed significant changes; the simple choice reaction test indicated improved reaction times with sildenafil, while the multiple choice reaction test with stress induction showed a slight, statistically insignificant effect on performance. Overall, sildenafil did not significantly impair psychophysical performance, nor did it enhance it substantially. The results suggest that sildenafil’s primary therapeutic effect on sexual function does not impair traffic safety or other psychomotor and psychophysical functions.

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