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APA (American Psychological Association) is one of the largest scientific and professional associations of psychologists in the United States, founded in 1892. The organization focuses on advancing psychology as a science, a profession, and a means of promoting health, education, and human welfare.

Main Activities of APA:

  1. Publications and Databases: APA publishes a wide range of journals and books, including well-known journals like “American Psychologist” and “Journal of Applied Psychology”. It also provides access to scholarly research through its databases, such as PsycINFO.
  2. Standard Development: APA develops standards for professional practice, education, and ethics. For example, it sets guidelines for scholarly writing known as the APA Formatting and Style Guide.
  3. Education and Training: APA offers educational resources, conducts training sessions, seminars, and webinars for psychologists and students.
  4. Research Support: The association funds research, provides grants and scholarships, and resources for emerging scientists.
  5. Policy Advocacy: APA actively participates in lobbying for psychology and the psychological community in U.S. legislative bodies.

Importance to the Profession

APA plays a key role in developing standards of professional ethics, conducting educational programs, and efforts to raise public awareness about psychological issues. The organization also promotes psychological research, which enhances understanding of human behavior and mental health on a global scale.

For more information about APA’s activities and resources, you can visit their official website: American Psychological Association.