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Here are some of the most renowned psychiatrists in China:

1. Professor Chen Yuling

Professor Chen Yuling is a prominent figure in Chinese psychiatry. He has contributed significantly to the development of psychiatric education and clinical practice in China. His work at the Mental Health Center of the West China Hospital, Sichuan University, has been instrumental in advancing mental health care in the region.

2. Professor Tao Guotai

Professor Tao Guotai is another leading psychiatrist in China known for his extensive research and clinical expertise. He has played a crucial role in training new generations of psychiatrists and has been involved in several key research projects aimed at improving mental health care.

3. Professor Liu Xiehe

Professor Liu Xiehe has made significant contributions to psychiatric research and education. His work has helped shape the field of psychiatry in China, particularly through his involvement in developing educational programs and conducting influential research.

4. Professor Jiang Kaida

Professor Jiang Kaida is well-respected for his contributions to both clinical psychiatry and academic research. His leadership at the Mental Health Center has been pivotal in fostering a comprehensive approach to psychiatric care and research in China.

5. Professor Lu Lin

Professor Lu Lin is notable for his achievements in psychiatric research and his role as the president of the Sixth Hospital of Peking University. He is also the director of the Institute of Mental Health at Peking University, contributing significantly to the advancement of mental health sciences in China.

6. Professor Song Weihong

Professor Song Weihong, an academician of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, has been influential in both Chinese and international psychiatric research communities. His work focuses on various aspects of mental health and has earned him a distinguished reputation.

7. Professor Li Tao

Professor Li Tao is recognized for his research funded by the Outstanding Youth Fund and his title of “Yangtze Scholar.” He is the director of the Mental Health Center at West China Hospital and vice-chairman of the Psychiatric Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, playing a vital role in advancing psychiatric care and research.

These psychiatrists have significantly contributed to the field through their research, clinical work, and dedication to improving psychiatric education and care in China.