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Ventolin (Albuterol)

Ventolin is the trade name under which a medicine based on salbutamol is sold, a substance that is used in the treatment of bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchospasm and a number of other similar diseases. A similar medicine is also known as Albuterol. In fact, these are the same drugs, they are just produced by different pharmaceutical companies. Both drugs are considered branded, meaning one is not a generic version of the other. These are drugs registered independently at approximately the same time, which are aerosols for inhalation. According to the pharmacological classification, drugs based on Salbutamol, including Albuterol and Ventalin, are bronchodilators. This means that they have a lined bronchodilator effect, suppressing early and late bronchial reactivity. The consequence of this is the prevention or relief of bronchospasm, a decrease in airway resistance and an increase in the vital capacity of the lungs. Subjectively, the effect of salbutamol is felt as facilitating the ability to inhale and exhale, reducing the signs of impending panic.

Ventolin is produced by the British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, while Albuterol is produced by the Israeli pharmaceutical company Teva. The manufacturers agreed not to consider either of these two drugs as one of the generics, since scientists from Israel conducted their own independent studies of Salbutamol at the same time as the British ones and, purely for bureaucratic reasons, registered it later.

Today, you can purchase Ventolin both in regular pharmacies and by turning to online pharmacies. The latter has a number of advantages, such as the ability to conveniently compare prices in different pharmacies without leaving home and using only a computer or smartphone. When placing an order online, there is no need to stand in lines or expose yourself to the risk of contracting a respiratory infection. When buying Ventolin online, you can choose not only the branded drug, but also its generics, which are more affordable with a similar composition.

Ventolin Inhaler

This form of release of the drug Ventolin, as an inhaler, makes it possible to most effectively deliver the medicine directly into the respiratory tract, and one dosed bottle of inhalation aerosol contains 200 doses. Each has a dosage of 100 mcg, the active substance is salbutamol sulfate. There is only one excipient – theatrefluoroethane. It is a colorless gas that allows medication to be delivered to the patient’s respiratory tract.

The aluminum inhaler has an anatomically convenient shape and is equipped with a plastic dosing device with a protective cap. The substance itself looks like a white or almost white suspension.

After inhalation administration, about 10-20% of the dose of Salbutamol reaches the lower respiratory tract. The rest of the dose remains in the inhaler or enters the oropharynx and is then swallowed. It should be noted that part of the drug deposited in the respiratory tract is absorbed into the lung tissue and blood, but is not metabolized in the lungs. Once in the blood, salbutamol is metabolized in the liver and excreted from the body mainly in the urine unchanged or in the form of phenolic sulfate. The ingested portion of the inhalation dose is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and undergoes active metabolism in the liver. The remainder is administered primarily through urine. The binding of Salbutamol to plasma proteins is about 10%.

A significant advantage of the inhalation form of Ventolin is the speed of onset of action. The onset of the effect is felt on average after 3 minutes, maximum – after 30-90 minutes. In this case, the duration of action can reach from 4 to 6 hours. About 75% of the maximum effect is achieved within 5 minutes after inhalation, which allows you to quickly relieve bronchospasm or an asthma attack, suffocation, and for a long time.

There are certain rules for using an inhaler. For example, if it has not been used for a long time, you need to shake it thoroughly and spray at least one inhalation dose into the air to ensure that the inhaler is working properly.

The inhaler holder should be in a vertical position with the bottom up. You should clasp the mouthpiece with your lips, without squeezing it with your teeth, and exhale slowly and deeply. Then you need to inhale as deeply as possible through your mouth, while simultaneously pressing the top of the inhaler. Next, you need to hold your breath for a few seconds, remove the mouthpiece from your mouth, then exhale slowly. It is advisable to carry out the procedure slowly, especially if the user is not yet experienced. You can practice in front of a mirror. So, if while using the inhaler you can see a kind of fog coming out of the mouth, it means that the dose is mostly going into the air, and it is necessary to improve the technique of using the inhaler. [1]

Side Effects of Ventolin

Ventolin has fewer side effects compared to other drugs from the bronchodilator group. However, since this is a fairly serious medicine used to treat serious diseases, unwanted reactions still occur.

The incidence of side effects is divided into very common, rare and very rare. Thus, hypersensitivity reactions are rarely observed on the part of the immune system, including allergic reactions, urticaria, angioedema, hypotension, loss of consciousness, and bronchospasm. On the metabolic side, hypokalemia may occur. On the part of the nervous system, side effects such as headache and tremors of the extremities, and occasionally hyperactivity, are quite often observed. From the cardiovascular system, the most common side effect is tachycardia. Rarely, dilatation of peripheral vessels, arrhythmia, including atrial fibrillation, supraventricular tachycardia and extrasystole. From the gastrointestinal tract, irritation of the mucous membrane of the mouth and pharynx may be observed; from the musculoskeletal system, muscle cramps are rarely observed.

In general, when used in recommended therapeutic doses, the drug does not have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system and does not cause an increase in blood pressure. However, Ventolin causes dilation of the coronary arteries and has a number of metabolic effects. For example, this medication reduces the concentration of potassium in plasma, affects glycogenolysis and insulin secretion, has a hyperglycemic (especially in patients with bronchial asthma) and lipolytic effect, and increases the risk of developing acidosis.

Ventolin HFA Dosage

Ventolin HFA is an inhalation aerosol intended for use in patients over 4 years of age. This is a quick-acting medicine that allows you to cope with attacks of bronchial asthma, in particular those caused by physical exertion. One bottle contains 200 dosages.

For children and adults, the medicine is used every 4-6 hours for 2 inhalations or in accordance with the individual recommendations of the doctor, as well as in the event of an acute asthma attack. For patients with mild disease, one inhalation every 4 hours may be sufficient. If the patient has asthma caused by physical activity, as a rule, it is recommended to do inhalations 15-30 minutes before the expected exercise.[2]

The use of Ventolin can effectively control symptoms associated with breathing problems and reduce the time lost by patients at work, school, and training. If the doctor recommends two inhalations in a row, at least one minute should pass between them, and preferably two or three.

It is important not to lose track of the inhalations performed. To count, you can use a special sheet that comes with the kit, or use a mobile application. The number of inhalations is important to monitor because exceeding the recommended amount may worsen your condition, causing worsening respiratory failure and other warning symptoms.

Ventolin Price

The average retail price for one Ventolin inhaler is nearly $100, which equates to enough medication for 100 doses of two inhalations each. Thus, it is easy to calculate that one dose costs about 90 cents.

This is a fairly high price provided that the drug is used regularly, mainly by patients with bronchial asthma. If a patient is willing to spend some time purchasing any generic Ventolin, he can buy this medicine at a price almost four times lower than the branded medicine. Moreover, since the active ingredient and its dosage are completely similar, the patient will not feel any change in the effect of the medicine on the body. The lower cost of generics is due to the fact that their manufacturers do not spend money on advertising campaigns for their products.

In addition, they use ready-made medicinal formulas created by the manufacturers of the original medicine – that is, they did not invest in development. The result is significantly lower prices with quality that is in no way inferior to the quality of the original medicine.

Ventolin Inhaler Price

Price is one of those factors that has a significant impact on a patient’s choice of inhalers to combat the symptoms of bronchial asthma. This issue is especially relevant for US residents, who are limited in the choice of generic drugs based on salbutamol and are forced to purchase brand-name drugs, which are not cheap at all. Prices start at $33 for an 8-gram inhaler. An 18-gram inhaler costs a minimum of $70.

For 2024, there are certain programs for systemic patient care and joint financing. They apply mainly to people with proven low incomes and those who do not have health insurance. They can reduce the cost of a drug by up to 50%, provided that the patient meets a number of designated conditions.

Ventolin Coupon

If the patient doesn’t want to wait a long time for the medicine when ordering a cheap generic Ventolin from abroad, he can use special discount coupons and purchase the medicine at a local offline or online pharmacy at a reduced price. A coupon is like a discount card that you can print or save to your smartphone. It allows you to save quite a significant percentage on the cost of prescription drugs, which include all bronchodilators, including Ventolin. Typically, coupons are posted on special aggregator sites. Some may require you to register, fill out a form, or provide a prescription for a drug. Others issue coupons only to holders of certain types of health insurance. Sometimes large pharmacy chains offer their own coupons.


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