2013 Volume 25 Issue 2
In this issue
special article
Comorbidity of mental and physical diseases: a main challenge for medicine of the 21st century Norman SARTORIOUS
Systematic review and meta-analysis
Prevalence of autism spectrum disorders among children in China: a systematic review Yumei WAN, Qiang HU, Ting LI, Lijun JIANG, Yasong DU, Lei FENG, John Chee-Meng WONG, Chunbo LI
Neuroimaging studies in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder in China Qing FAN, Zeping XIAO
Original research article
Methodology of china's national study on the evaluation, early recognition, and treatment of psychological problems in the elderly: the China Longitudinal Aging Study (CLAS) Shifu XIAO, Juan LI, Muni TANG, Wei CHEN, Feng BAO, Huali WANG, Yuping WANG, Ying LIU, Yaping WANG,
Relationshio of changes in cognitive and depressive symptoms during antidepressant treatment of individuals with geriatric depression and their relationshio to the APOE epsilon 4 allele Zheli CHEN, Guanghua LAN, Xinhua SHEN, Xingen PAN, Xiaoxun CHEN, Jianhua LI
Effcacy and safety of generic escitalopram versus Lexapro in the treatment of major depression: a multicenter double-blinded randomized controlled trial Yimin YU, Huafang LI, Biao WANG, Keqing LI, Xiufeng XU, Jianguo SHI, Chengge GAO, Qingrong TAN,
Mild cognitive impairment: a concept useful for early detection and intervention of dementia Wei CHEN, Huali Wang
Pesticides availability and medically serious suicide attempts in Chia Diego DE LEO
Case report
Case Report of Rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep behvior disorder Zhen FAN, Yanrui NIU, Hui ZHANG
Biostatistics in psychiatry
The statistics of suicide Robert D. GIBBONS