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Case report
A Case Report of A Patient with Treatment-Resistant Depression Successfully Treated with Repeated Intravenous Injections of A Low Dosage of Ketamine Shikai WANG, Mincai QIAN, Liang LI, Qi YANG Summary: Depression is a highly prevalent and severely disabling disease. The treatment effects, intensity and onset time of antidepressants have been highlighted in many studies. Recent studies on the rapidonset of antidepressant response focused on the effect of a single low dose of intravenous ketamine. However, there are still some problems with treatment, including safety, efficacy, ethics, dose, frequency of administration and their effect in treatment-resistant depression. In the present study, we treated one case of treatment resistant depression with repeated intravenous injections with a low dosage of ketamine. Key words: Treatment-resistant depression, Ketamine