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Jonathan FLINT Jonathan Flint, MD Wellcome Trust Principal Fellow and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist Michael Davys Professor of Neuroscience Oxford University Oxford, UK Email: Jonathan Flint received his medical degree from Oxford University, where he also conducted his post-graduate training. Dr. Flint was a Wellcome Fellow in the fields of molecular medicine and human genetics. Dr. Flint’s interests are focused on the genetic basis of emotional disorders (including anxiety and depression). He uses both animal and human genetic approaches to find genes that contribute to disease susceptibility. Dr. Flint has pioneered the use of outbred mice for the analysis of complex traits, developing methods and resources that are applicable to any phenotype that can be modeled in mice. His work has led to the use of heterogeneous stock animals, both mice and rats, for the genetic dissection of complex traits, and the use of commercially available outbred mice. The characterization at a population and molecular level of outbred animals is a critical component of this application. Dr. Flint has numerous publications, and has garnered a significant amount of grant support for the pioneering work discussed above.