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Fujun JIA Fujun JIA, PhD, is professor of psychiatry and mentor for PhD candidates. He is currently the director of the Guangdong Mental Health Center and director of the Guangdong Province Mental Health Research Center. Dr. Jia has published over 60 works of original research. He is vice-chairman of the China Medical Doctors Association’s Psychiatry Committee, assistant director of the China Sleep Disorders Research Association, on the board of directors for the Sleep Disorders and Mental Health Experts Association, a board member of the China Medical Association’s Psychiatry Committee, and on the board of directors of the Guangdong Medical Association’s Psychiatry Committee. Dr. Jia is a board member for the journals: Chinese Mental Health Journal, Asia Pacific Psychiatry, Chinese Journal of Psychiatry, Chinese Journal of Behavioral Medicine and Brain Science, Chinese Journal of Applied Clinical Pediatrics, Journal of Clinical Psychological Medicine and the Shanghai Archives of Psychiatry. He is also an expert consultant for the Central Health Committee.