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Yanchun YANG Dr. Yanchun Yang is a professor of psychiatry, mentor for doctoral candidates and Director of Sichuan University/Western China University’s Clinical Psychiatry Department. Professor Yang received her B.S. in 1982 from Sichuan Medical College, M.S. in 1986 and PhD in 1995 both from Western China Medical University in Psychiatry. She was a visiting scholar in the Psychiatry Department at University of Washington’s Medical School from 1995 to 1996, became a professor in 2002 and a mentor to PhD candidates in 2003. Professor Yang was also one of the key participants in the ‘Sino-German Psychotherapy and CBT Training Project’. In 2011 she was chosen to be a mentor for PhD candidates in the Sichuan University/Hong Kong Polytechnic University Joint Training Program. Dr. Yang’s main areas of involvement include: theoretical and clinical research of depression and anxiety disorders, systematic research into the causes of obsessive compulsive disorder, pathophysiological mechanisms, brain function imaging, cognitive function, and drugs and cognitive behavioural therapy. She has participated in numerous projects with the National Natural Sciences Foundation and was involved in three large projects for the National Department of Science and Technology: ‘Optimizing Treatment for Therapy-resistant depression’, ‘Research for the Early Identification and Intervention of PTSD’ and the ‘Standardiza tion of Psychotherapy Project’. So far Dr. Yang has published nearly 50 original articles in both national and international journals, written 4 monographs on mental illness and 6 textbooks for the Department of Health and Department of Education. After the large earthquake which struck Wenchuan, China in May 2008 she was involved in many projects involving post-disaster psychological health and recovery. She is a member of the Counselling and Psychotherapy committees for the China Psychological Health Association, Vice-director of China’s Disabilities Recovery Association’s Psychological Recovery branch, standing member of the China Neuroscience Association’s Clinical Psychiatry Branch, Vice-President of the Western Psychiatric Association and a standing member of the Sichuan Provincial Medical Association’s Psychiatry committee.