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Zucheng WANG Zucheng Wang was born on March 6,1941. He is from the city of Jiangyang in Jiangsu Province. Dr. Wang graduated from Shanghai No. 2 Medical University in 1964. He is the former Director of the Shanghai Mental Health Centre, medical Director of the Shanghai Mental Health Centre’s Psychiatric Department, former Director of Shanghai No. 2 Medical University’s Psychiatric Research and Education Lab and a mentor for PhD candidates. Dr. Wang was on the Ministry of Health’s Anesthetic Experts Committee and later became the Chairman of the China Disability Recovery Association’s Psychiatric Recovery Committee, Chairman of the China Psychological Health Association, distinguished director of the Shanghai Psychological Health Association, director of the China Medical Association, Shanghai branch’s Behavioural Medicine Committee, the Japanese Association for the study of Alcoholism, and member of the Japan Naikan Therapy Council. Dr. Wang is Honorary Chief Editor of the Shanghai Archives of Psychiatry and the current Director of the Shanghai Mental Health Quality Control Centre and the Shanghai Psychological Recovery Group. He is an editor of the Chinese Journal of Pharmacoepidemiology, Sichuan Mental Health and the Chinese Journal of New Drugs and Clinical Remedies. His main areas of involvement are in clinical psychiatric treatment, and educational and research work. He has done extensive research into drug therapies for psychiatric disorders, shock therapies and psychological treatment. Dr. Wang has published over 190 original articles, written 6 monographs and been a contributor to over 20 monographs.