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Heqin YAN Heqin Yan, born in Shanghai in 1929, is a senior level physician and a professor at Shanghai Number 2 Medical College (currently Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine). Professor Yan has served as director of the Shanghai Number 2 School of Medicine’s Psychiatry and Medical Psychology Research Center, director of the Shanghai Mental Illness Prevention Center, director of the Shanghai Mental Health Center, head of the Shanghai Mental Health Research Center, and director of the World Health Organization Mental Health Cooperative Center. He has been a member of the Ministry of Health’s Mental Health Advisory Committee, the Chinese Association for Mental Health, the Chinese Psychological Society, and the French Medical Psychology Society. Dr. Yan was a member of the Pacific-Rim College of Psychiatrists, director of the psychology branch of the Janssen Research Council and a peer review expert at the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Professor Yan was the first Chinese mental health specialist to officially visit America in 1979. In following years, he continued to attend numerous international academic conferences and took part in many multinational scientific research projects. He currently serves as an advisor to the China Center for Disease Control, a member of the China Association for the Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities and Mental Disorders, an honorary president of Shanghai Psychological Rehabilitation Association, and an honorary chairman of Shanghai Mental Health Association. With 50 years of medical practice, Professor Yan has rich clinical experiences with mental disorders. In particular, he specializes in mental disorders diagnosed in general hospitals, in the diagnosis and treatment of organic mental disorders among the elderly, and in research into recovery treatment for chronic schizophrenia. Professor Yan has published much research in the area of mental health. In the 1980s, he published Introduction to Medical Psychology, which contributed to the promotion and development of psychology in China. In addition, he was also greatly involved in the development of outpatient psychotherapy in China. The “Community-based Mental Illness Prevention Model”, which Dr. Yan worked to develop, won the second place ‘Medical Progress’ award from the Department of Health and the first place ‘Shanghai Technological Advancement’ award. He is also a recipient of the Alexander Grainick Award for his work involving education for families of persons with schizophrenia and has received the second place ‘Shanghai Technological Advancement’ award for conducting cooperative research with the WHO into mental disorders seen in general hospitals. In 1991, Professor Yan received special honors from the State Council of the People’s Republic of China for his service to the field of mental health.