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Dai ZHANG M.D. Director of Mental Health Institution of Peking University Sixth Hospital. Chief Physician. Professor ; Researcher of Tsinghai Life Science joint center and the IDG McGovern Institute for Brain Research of Peking University; Director of state key laboratory in Psychiatry and Mental Health of Population and Family Planning Commission; vice director of Chinese society of neuroscience and psychiatry Doc. Zhang took up his career in the Clinical research of psychiatry since 1983. He used to work in the Molecular Biology Centre of University of Heidelberg in Germany as a Visiting professor and senior research assistant, focusing on Molecular biology and genetics research in Alzheimer disease. In recent years, with the support of Key Project of Natural Science Foundation of China,project 863,sub project 973,Clinic key project of Ministry of Public Health, his research involved with two aspects. One is on Early diagnosis and individualized treatment of schizophrenia, aiming at finding the biological diagnostic markers of schizophrenia and providing clues for clinical rational drug use. The second one is to explore the correlation of abnormal brain structure or function by using genetic correlation and multiple gene interaction analysis to screen susceptibility genes. The aim is to explore the influence of susceptibility genes to the neural development by using the genetic engineering. The purpose is to explore the pathogenesis and provide experimental evidence to find new therapeutic targets. In his research area, over 100 articles have been published in various magazines such as Nat Genet, Ann Neurol, J Neurosci, Am J Psychiatry, Mol Psychiatry, Biol Psychiatry, Neurobiol Aging and NeuroImage