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Mingyuan ZHANG Dr Mingyuan Zhang was born in Shanghai in October 1940, graduated from Shanghai Second Medical College in 1961 and was a visiting scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Harvard University from 1981-1982. He is the Psychiatrist–in-Chief at Shanghai Mental Health Center, WHO Collaborating Centre for Training and Education on Mental Health, and professor in the department of psychiatry at Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Medical School. He is the Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Federation of People with Disabilities, Honorary President of Shanghai Archives of Psychiatry, Honorary Chief-Editor of Chinese Journal of Psychiatry, Honorary Chief-Editor of Chinese Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases, Chief-Editor of the American Journal of Psychiatry Chinese Version, Chief-Editor of the Psychiatric Times Chinese Version and is Chairperson of the Experts Committee on Mental Health and Injury in China’s Ministry of Health. Dr Zhang has published 500 articles and 30 books in the field of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental disorders.