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Bin XIE Bin Xie is medical Director at the Shanghai Mental Health Center, Vice-director of the Shanghai Mental Health Cooperative Work Association and has been given recognition by the China State Council as an expert in the field of mental health. Dr. Xie holds positions in many professional groups including: director of the forensic psychiatry group in the China Medical Association, Vice-chairman of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association’s Psychiatry branch, Vice-chairman of China Preventative Medicine Association’s Mental Health Branch, Directing member of the China Association for the Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities Psychiatric Rehabilitation Committee, Vice-director of the China Society of Psychological Health and a directing member of the Shanghai Forensic Evaluators Association. He is also an expert adviser to the Ministry of Health’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and has testified in front of China’s Supreme Court as an expert forensic evaluator. Currently he is on the editorial board of numerous national and international journals including the Journal of Forensic Medicine, China Journal of Neurological and Psychiatric Illnesses, the British Journal of Forensic Practice and many others. His main fields of research are in forensic psychiatry, mental health policy and legislation, and adolescent behavioural issues. He has worked on numerous projects including the National Science and Technology Planning Support Project, projects with the China Association for Science and Technology and over 10 projects for the Ministry of Health. He is a recipient of numerous awards including the “Shanghai Science and Technology Advancement” award, the “Shanghai Excellence in Invention” award and numerous other top awards from the Shanghai Health System.