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John DAVIS Dr. Davis was trained at Princeton University, and Yale University School of Medicine, interned at Massachusetts General Hospital and did his psychiatric residency at Yale University School of Medicine and was a Clinical Associate at the National Institute of Mental Health. His work has been supported by grants from NIH, the McArthur Foundation, The Stanley Medical Research Institute and other private foundations. He was awarded the Stanley Dean Award for research in schizophrenia from the American College of Psychiatry and the David-Sacket Prize from the German Evidence-Based Medicine Society given in 2010.He has been a professor of psychiatry at University of IL. He was one of the original three psychiatrists who formulated the biogenic amine hypothesis of depression, the first of the biological theories of mental illness. He did the first studies of clinical pharmacology of antipsychotics and performed the first meta-analysis in psychiatry, which was also one of the several first meta-analyses in general medicine. His documentary educational film that won a Tele Award (to an Academy Award but for industrial or educational videos). He is the author of about 1000 scientific publications. He was the most quoted psychiatrist in the scientific and medical literature and for decades in the top most quoted. He is currently engaged in several collaborative US/China clinical trials in China supported by the NIH or the Stanley Medical Research Institute.