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Yalin ZHANG Dr. Zhang is a native of Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China. He is a professor at Central South University/Xiangya No. 2 Hospital and a mentor for PhD candidates. He was a visiting scholar to UCLA and has received recognition from the China State Council for outstanding achievements in the field of medicine. Dr. Zhang’s clinical interests are very wide and include emotional disorders, behavioural disorders, and neurological diseases and their psychological treatment. He has worked on over 20 large research projects with groups such as the National Natural Sciences Foundation of China, the National Social Sciences Foundation and CMB. He has created national level programs for the training of Psychiatry students and was the main author on the 15th edition of the National Psychiatric Training Text. Along with rich clinical and research experience, Dr. Zhang is also a mentor for 53 graduate students including 23 at the master’s level and 30 at the doctoral level. He is much beloved by his students and was recently voted ‘teacher of the year’ at Central South University’s graduate school. Dr. Zhang has published over 270 original articles in both Chinese and international journals. He has authored and co-authored 46 monographs including: Neurology Theory and Practice, Psychiatry, Advanced Psychiatry, Psychological Conflict and Relief, Another Way of Looking at SARS and Domestic Violence.