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In this issue
In This Issue Jinghong Chen, Drew Fralick
Systematic review and meta-analysis
Alpha7 nAChR Agonists for Cognitive Deficit and Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Double-blind Controlled Trials Ye JIN, Qi WANG, Yan WANG, Mengxi LIU, Anji SUN, Zhongli GENG, Yiwei LIN, Xiaobai LI
Original research article
Executive Function Features in Drug-naive Children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder Manfei XU, Wenqing JIANG, Yasong DU, Yan LI, Juan FAN
Validity and Reliability of Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale Thai Version (ASRS-V1.1 TH) Komsan KIATRUNGRIT, Suwannee PUTTHISRI, Sirichai HONGSANGUANSRI, Pattaraporn WISAJAN, Sudawan JULLAG
Association among Internet Usage, Body Image and Eating Behaviors of Secondary School Students Natthakarn KAEWPRADUB, Komsan KIATRUNGRIT, Sirichai HONGSANGUANSRI, Chosita PAVASUTHIPAISIT
The Latent Class Structure of Chinese Patients with Eating Disorders in Shanghai Yuchen ZHENG, Qing KANG, Jiabin HUANG, Wenhui JIANG, Qiang LIU, Han CHEN, Qing FAN, Zhen WANG, Jue C
New Drug Research and Development for Alzheimer’s Pathology: Present and Prospect Tao WANG
More is Needed before Alzheimer’s Disease can be Conquered Xin YU
Planning Mental Health Needs of China – A Great Leap Forward Kua Ee HEOK
Case report
Case Study of An Adopted Chinese Woman with Bulimia Nervosa: A Cultural and Transcultural Approach Marion Vu-Augier de MONTGREMIER, Liangliang CHEN, Jue CHEN, Marie Rose MORO
Diagnosis and Treatment of Rash Fever with Anxiety Yueyun ZHU
Biostatistics in psychiatry
Sample Size Calculations for Comparing Groups with Continuous Outcomes Julia Z. ZHENG, Yangyi LI, Tuo LIN, Angelica ESTRADA, Xiang LU, Changyong FENG