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In this issue
In this issue Daihui Peng
Systematic review and meta-analysis
Mechanism of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Depression Zhengwu PENG, Cuihong ZHOU, Shanshan XUE, Jie BAI, Shoufen YU, Xiaosa LI, Huaning WANG, Qingrong TAN
Original research article
Analysis of Misdiagnosis of Bipolar Disorder in An Outpatient Setting Hui SHEN, Li ZHANG, Chuchen XU, Jinling ZHU, Meijuan CHEN, Yiru FANG
The Association of Insight and Change in Insight with Clinical Symptoms in Depressed Inpatients Hongbo HE, Qing CHANG, Yarong MA
The Level of Nesfatin-1 in a Mouse Gastric Cancer Model and Its Role in Gastric Cancer Comorbid with Depression Nan ZHANG, Jiangbo LI, Huiling WANG, Ling XIAO, Yanyan WEI, Jing HE, Gaohua WANG
Original research article
Applicability Evaluation of Simplified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Li ZHANG, Zhipei ZHU, Fang FANG, Yuan SHEN, Na LIU, Chunbo LI
Psychiatric Epidemiology and Mental Health Service in the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China Liang XIE, Geng WEI, Yan XU, Yueqin HUANG, Xiehe LIU, Tao Li, Wan-jun Guo
Practical Answers are Needed to Respond to the Myth of Mental Health Services in Tibet Bin XIE
Case report
A Case of Dissociative Seizures Presented like Myoclonic Epilepsy Balaswamy REDDY, Soumitra DAS, Mustafa ALI, Srinivas GURUPRASAD
“The Twisted Mind” - Psychogenic Dystonia in An Adolescent, Responding to Antidepressant Therapy Seshadri Sekhar CHATTERJEE, Soumitra DAS, Sukanya GUPTA, Sanhita BHATTACHARYA
Biostatistics in psychiatry
Simpson’s Paradox: Examples Bokai WANG, Pan WU, Brian KWAN, Xin M. TU, Changyong FENG