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Systematic review and meta-analysis
Efficacy towards negative symptoms and safety of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment for patients with schizophrenia: a systematic review Junjie WANG, Yingqun ZHOU, Hong GAN, Jiaoyan PANG, Hui LI, Jijun WANG, Chunbo LI
Original research article
A study of the characteristics of alexithymia and emotion regulation in patients with depression Hao ZHANG, Qing FAN, Yan SUN, Jianyin QIU, Lisheng SONG
Placement instability among young people removed from their original family and the likely mental health implications Simon RICE, Sue COTTON, Kristen MOELLER-SAXONE, Cathrine MIHALOPOULOS, Anne MAGNUS, Carol HARVEY, Ca
Efficacy and metabolic influence on blood-glucose and serum lipid of ziprasidone in the treatment of elderly patients with first-episode schizophrenia Jing CHEN, Xingen PAN, Mincai QIAN, Shoukai YANG
Factors related to acute anxiety and depression in inpatients with accidental orthopedic injuries Hui WU, Fang ZHANG, Wenhong CHENG, Ying LIN, Qian WANG
Objectives of China and the global mental health work plan Xiangdong WANG
Strategic mental health planning and its practice in China: retrospect and prospect Bin XIE
The current situations and needs of mental health in China Norman SARTORIUS
Case report
Factitious disorder - A rare cause for unexplained epistaxis Soumitra DAS, Shabna MOHAMMED, Nimisha DOVAL, Arjun KARTHA
Biostatistics in psychiatry
Inconsistency between univariate and multiple logistic regressions Hongyue WANG, Jing PENG, Bokai WANG, Xiang LU, Julia Z. ZHENG, Kejia WANG, Xin M. TU, Changyong FENG