GENERAL PSYCHIATRY Volume 32Issue 1 2019
Systematic review and meta-analysis
Biomarkers for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia Lewy body, frontotemporal dementia and vascular dementia Joshua Marvin Anthony Maclin, Tao Wang, and Shifu Xiao
Original research article
Correlation of hair risperidone concentration and serum level among patients with schizophrenia Xiujia Sun, Lihua Wang, Fuzhong Yang, Juanjuan Ren, Ping Jiang, Hongmei Liu, Huafang Li, Chunbo Li a
Mediating effect of interpersonal relations on negative emotions and dysmenorrhea in female adolescents Lingli Mou, Wei Lei, Jing Chen, Rong Zhang, Kezhi Liu and Xue,mei Liang
Nicotine dependence in community-dwelling Chinese patients with schizophrenia Yan Li, Cai-Lan Hou, Xin-Rong Ma, Yu Zang, Fu-Jun Jia, Kelly Y C Lai, Gabor S Ungvari, Chee H Ng, Me
Original research article
Study on risk factors of extrapyramidal symptoms induced by antipsychotics and its correlation with symptoms of schizophrenia Jiajun Weng, Yan Zhang, Huafang Li, Yifeng Shen and Wenjuan Yu
Development and challenges of mental health in China Jianyu Que, Lin Lu and Le Shi
Case report
Twenty years of misdiagnosis of schizophrenia in a patient with Dandy-Walker variant syndrome João Gama Marques
Relevance of early intervention in Fahr’s disease: understanding through a case study Jamshed Ahmad, Bandna Gupta and Sujita Kumar Kar
Biostatistics in psychiatry
Guidance for use of weights: an analysis of different types of weights and their implications when using SAS PROCs Sabrina Richardson, Tuo Lin, Yangyi Li, Xiaohui Niu, Manfei Xu, Valerie Stander and Xin M Tu