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Adjunctive melatonin for tardive dyskinesia in patients with schizophrenia: a meta-analysis Chen-Hui SUN, Wei ZHENG, Xin-Hu YANG, Dong-Bin CAI, Chee H. NG, Gabor S. UNGVARI, Hai-Yan LI, Yu-Jie
Original research article
Changes in cognitive function in patients with primary insomnia Hui GUO, Meijie WEI, Wantao DING
Peripheral SLC6A4 gene expression in obsessive-compulsive disorder in the Han Chinese population Xuemei WANG, Qing ZHAO, Wen CHEN, Shunying YU, Zhen WANG, Zeping XIAO
Dysfunction of cognition patterns measured by MATRICS Consensus Cognitive Battery (MCCB) among first episode schizophrenia patients and their biological parents Aiai CAO, Ting SHEN, Haibin LI, Chuangxin WU, Marita MCCABE, David MELLOR, Linda BYRNE, Jie ZHANG, J
The fantasmatic and imaginary child of the pregnant woman Simone SETTERBERG
Is depression the result of immune system abnormalities? Xiaoyun GUO, Kaida JIANG
Case report
Psychogenic Polydipsia – management challenges M.S. BHATIA, Aparna GOYAL, Rashmita SAHA, Nimisha DOVAL
Autoimmune thyroiditis presenting as psychosis Soumitra DAS, Nimisha DOVAL, Vikas MOUN
Hyponatremia with olanzapine - A suspected association Ankur SACHDEVA, Mona CHOUDHARY
Biostatistics in psychiatry
The differences and similarities between two-sample t-test and paired t-test Manfei XU, Drew FRALICK, Julia Z. ZHENG, Bokai Wang, Xin M. TU, Changyong FENG